Seller legal warranty



Liability - Warranty

Buyers benefit from the legal guarantee of eviction and hidden defects.

No additional contractual guarantee is provided for the benefit of the Purchaser, who may only avail himself of the legal guarantees stipulated above.

No guarantee can be applied in the absence of full payment of the sums due by the Buyer to the Seller.


Limitation of liability
Seller's liability may be incurred only in case of gross, intentional or fraudulent negligence. In all other cases, the Seller's liability can never be sought or incurred by the Purchasers.

Buyers guarantee and indemnify any liability claims against the Seller by third parties to the contract.

In any event, the Seller's liability, if incurred, may not exceed the value of the Products subject of the contract concluded with the Buyer.

The legal warranty of conformity is foreseen by the Consumer’s Code (art. 128 and subsequent ones) and protects the consumer in case of faulty, malfunctioning products or non-compliant with the use declared by the seller or for which the product is generally intended. Pursuant to art. 129 of the Consumer’s Code, a product boasts conformity defects if it is not suitable for the use for which products of the same type are generally intended, if it does not comply with the seller’s descriptions in terms of quality or performances, or if it lacks the typical quality and performances of a product of the same type, which the consumer can reasonably expect, keeping in consideration the nature of the product. Only consumers have the faculty to enforce the legal warranty pursuant to the Consumer Code, meaning physical persons who purchased a product for use not related to a business, entrepreneurial or professional activity. Hence, invoices indicating the VAT no. of a company or professional do not entitle to the rights set forth by the legal warranty. As set forth by art. 128 up to art. 135 of the Consumer's Code, consumers are entitled to request the seller, the repair or replacement of the faulty product, without any costs, provided the requested solution is not possible or excessively pricy compared to the other. If repairs or replacements are not possible, the consumer is anyhow entitled to a price reduction or to be refunded a sum, based on the product value, after returning the faulty product to the seller. The consumer can exercise his rights set forth by the legal warranty of conformity, by contacting the seller directly, even if different from the manufacturer.

The legal warranty is effective for 2 years from the delivery of the product and can be enforced by the consumer within two months from discovering the defect: this means that the consumer can request the seller of a product to apply the solutions foreseen by the legal warranty for conformity defects that occurred within 24 months from the delivery of the product. The consumer shall claim the defect within 2 months from discovery, therefore the receipt shall always be kept (tax receipt or bill or sale invoice in case of purchase online).

A consumer who discovers that a product branded “ALIANNA LIU” is affected by a conformity defect, can contact the following email address If the consumer has purchased the product on website “”, he shall follow the steps below to return the faulty or non-compliant product.

Once received the claim, our company will:

  • inspect the product to verify if the issue can be easily and promptly solved or, on the contrary, there are obvious reasons that void the Legal Warranty (e.g. expiry of the warranty, obvious presence of accidental damages or damages caused by the consumer);
  • collect and handle information concerning the product and customer for managing the assistance service;
  • send the product to the manufacturer for suitable checks and potential repairs or replace the product in case repair is not possible or excessively pricy;
  • manage the product return logistic process.

Should the non-conformity defect be ascertained, we will transmit a quote to the customer for potential repairs; the customer can decide whether to proceed with the repairs at his expenses. In this case, the Customer is also responsible for any transport fees.